Preparing to work in Schools Certificate – Level 1 Qualification

Preparing to work in Schools Certificate – Level 1 Qualification

Active Recruitment have partnered up with one of the largest college groups in the UK to deliver a new Sector-based work academy programme – ‘Preparing to Work in Schools Level 1’. The course is a natural progression into working in schools and offers students a CPD Qualification including a Level 2 certificate in Safeguarding, Equality & Diversity Training as well as piloting a weeks work experience shadowing a SEND Team within a local mainstream Primary or Secondary School. From this work experience, the aim is to ensure the students then have the opportunity of gaining paid employment to help support the academic and social needs of SEN Students.

The pilot scheme kicked off in July 2022 and we have already seen some early success stories resulting in students finding long-term employment for the new academic year to help support a wide range of SEN pupils in mainstream schools. A couple of examples include a returning work seeker with previous PEG Feeding experience being employed to support a new pupil in Year 7 commencing September 2022 and another work seeker with a background in Social Care & Epilepsy supporting a Year 9 pupil with Juvenile Battens Disease.

Active Recruitment has worked closely in supporting work seekers for many years including delivering work-based sessions such as; Employability Courses, Interview Techniques and CV writing classes. From our experience, it was obvious that there is a huge workforce out there who have the skills, empathy and the right attitude to make a real difference to the lives of so many children, especially pupils in mainstream schools with Special Educational Needs.

There are so many amazing work seekers we have met over the past number of years who have a genuine passion and desire to work with children and vulnerable adults and this course is designed to help break down any barriers they may have to gaining employment. Many of them have real-life & personal experience in working with SEND children, amazing transferable skills, the right attitude, and work ethic to make a difference and are looking for employers who are willing to take a chance on them.

Many of the course participants have lost their jobs due to the Covid pandemic and are taking this opportunity to follow their passion. Having seen the impact Covid has had on the younger generation, they have a genuine interest in offering something meaningful back to their local community whilst also cementing themselves in a life-long career within education.

What the course entails:

  • 6 Week Intensive Course to develop an understanding of the teaching and learning environment when working in a school
  • How to support the well-being and development of a child
  • Understanding schools as organisations
  • Understanding how to keep children and young people healthy, safe and well
  • Understanding how to communicate with children, young people and adults
  • Safeguarding & Prevent Level 2 Qualification
  • Certificate in Equality & Diversity
  • Employability/digital skills
  • Data protection

Entry Requirements:

  • Be 19+
  • Be legally allowed to work in the UK
  • Have lived in the UK for the last three years
  • Be claiming work-related benefits such as Jobseeker’s Allowance or Housing Benefit
  • Pass a short assessment for English and Maths

Quote from a Student who has recently Graduated:
By studying the course (Preparing to Work in Schools) I found it very informative which helped me build my confidence when going for an interview at a local secondary school. The modules gave me an insight into what to expect when working in a classroom.
I First met Ryan Kissin when he came into the college when I was doing the course, I cannot thank Active Recruitment enough by making me realise the skills that I have and the jobs that would be open to me. They also helped me build my CV and made it a lot stronger to what it was.
I’m very grateful to have been given the opportunity to work at the school where the teachers are friendly and professional, and I am glad they have allowed me to work alongside them and have gained a lot of knowledge and experience helping and working with the children. It is very rewarding seeing the children learning and helping each other.

Quote from a School who have recently taken on a Student:
We were struggling to find the right person to fill a demanding role in school. I asked my Advisory teacher from the borough and she recommended Active Recruitment as a provider and explained their ethics and their model. I contacted them the same day and received CV’s from them very quickly. We interviewed and appointed. The appointee soon settled into the role and has been very successful.
The student we employed demonstrates good knowledge of needs and expectations, they have an excellent attitude and work ethic. They approach their role with enthusiasm and diligence and demonstrate a willingness to learn and develop.
Active Recruitment understood our needs from the beginning and provided us with CV’s to meet those needs. We have had excellent follow up and communication with them. It is so good to know there is someone at the end of the phone who can help. Service has been second to none.
Active recruitment will be first on our list in future for any support needs that we may have.